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Tank Checklist for All Customers
  • Tank legs must be sitting on a cement pad or cement blocks providing a stable foundation for the tank. No deliveries will be made to any tanks with wood under the legs or sitting directly on the ground.
  • Tanks should not be leaning against any structure.
  • Tanks should have no pitting, rusting, bulging or any signs of seepage.
  • Tanks must be hooked up to the home's heating system before the delivery is made.
  • Fill pipes on tanks must be metal, both inside and outside: Copper, Black Iron or Galvanized. *** Absolutely NO deliveries will be made to PVC fill pipes!! Fill pipes and fill caps must be in good shape. Fill pipes must be 2.25 inches in diameter.
  • Every fuel tank must have a vent alarm on it. A vent alarm makes a whistling sound as air is being displaced from inside the tank through the vent pipe. When the whistling stops this indicates the tank is full and the driver will not put any more product in the tank. Both inside and outside tanks must have a vent alarm on them. The vent pipe must be at least 1.25 inches in diameter and should be metal.

    *** We inspect every tank at the time of first delivery and periodically after that. ***

    Please note: If you have any questions or concerns as to how your tank is set-up, call our office at 315-769-5100 to schedule a service call or speak with one of our knowledgeable service technicians.

    Econo Fuels Tank Inspection

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